1. Perpetual Change is a scheme operated by ‘Sermal Sonadevi Charitable Trust’ in co-operation with JAPARANI Foundation, Chicago (USA).
  2. Starting 2001-’02 session, two free-ships, one each to a boy and a girl applicant from economically disadvantaged family has commenced.
  3. All fees, transportation, uniforms, books, etc. are provided free of any charges to the beneficiaries.
  4. A child under this programme is admitted to Nursery class, and, subject to satisfactory progress completes 14 years of free schooling (2 years of pre-school and 12 years of schooling).
  5. When fully operational, strength of such students under this program may reach to 100, including 28 on behalf of the parent Trust of the school and the rest on behalf of donors as explained below.
  6. A Scholarship Committee determines suitability of applicants under this programme and compiles a list of children needing assistance without consideration of cast, colour or creed.
  1. Additionally, donors are invited to sponsor a child by contributing a sum of US $5000/- (or Indian Rupees 3,80,000/-) in memory of a loved one or to commemorate an occasion or event.
  2. The donor would not only immortalize the loved one or the event but would touch the heart and mind of the child and its family in a manner felt only by the benefited.
  3. Each amount donated under this programme is put in a fixed deposit, interest wherefrom meeting the expenses. After the child has completed all 14 years of schooling, another child is admitted, thus making the one-time donation a source of perpetual uplift, of making a difference, of changing lives. This process goes on perpetually.
  4. A progress report of the child is sent to its donor periodically and the donors are duly recognized at the annual function of the school. Donors’ names are displayed prominently in the school lobby.
  5. It is a matter of immense pleasure to announce that as of today, 46 children have been sponsored by donors along with 19 by the Trust, making up a total of 65 children from the under privileged class of society getting free education at SESOMU.