Creating avenues for students in the world today is not a difficult task but challenging certainly. Knowing that learning is actually acquired not taught and advocating the theory of having students under observation and care throughout the day, SESOMU Girls College promotes the system of Hostels. The Girls College hostels : Huge emphasis is laid on their all round development. Comprehensive and quality education is imparted in all sincerity and earnestness, not only by way of the formidably high academic standards, but also developing all faculties of the intellectual, physical and ethical personality. The essence of our educational pattern is to help children grow up to become rational intellectuals, socially concerned human beings and to foster desirable attributes of character like honesty, courage, self confidence, integrity and resourcefulness with a view to make them morally strong and socially responsible. The mentors are always up in moulding the wet clay to take a socially acceptable form and encourage them to become trendsetter of future. It aims at imparting the much needed education of today. The Hostel buildings are designed to cater to the needs and comfort of boarders.


The Girls Hostel started its journey in the year 2008 and a newly constructed Girls Hostel was established in the year 2012. The feeling and willingness of the Lady Hostel Warden to spell out love for the inmates knows no bound. Finding newly constructed hostel, new beds, new everything is like a little bundle of joy for the girls of this hostel. The infrastructure is of newly designed one. The strength of this hostel is 20 at present. Two Hostel Wardens are ever ready to set things right if anything seems likely to go wrong. Another best thing is that motherly care inevitably pops up between the girls when they sometime feel homesick. The Girls Hostel accommodates 48 students from classes B.A. and B.Com. It has 8 well furnished spacious rooms, a common room and one hostel warden residence in it.  Each room is equipped with six beds, each with a study table, chair, inbuilt cupboard, book rack with adequate ventilation, lighting and uninterrupted power supply. Water cooler attached to the hostel provides soothing chilled water in summer. Self study room and TV room make room for constructive activities like get together and discussions. Indoor games like carom and Table Tennis engage the girls at dusk. Local/STD/ISD phone facility has been made available through College PCO in stipulated days of the week to students. CCTV has been roped in providing 24 hours of safety and security.