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The school has a well-equipped kitchen with the latest gadgets and is designed to maintain perfect hygiene and cleanliness. The food is cooked by qualified and trained chefs. Ultra-modern dining halls are manned by trained waiters. Considering the high standards of Nutrition and Catering laid down by the school, both the kitchen and the dining halls are supervised and managed by trained and highly experienced catering managers, dieticians, and nutritionists. These professionals prepare recipes and plan menus for a nutritious, palatable, hygienic, and balanced diet, at the same time follow norms of table laying and systematic restaurant service.

The meals include fresh milk, cheese, a variety of green vegetables, beans, cereals, rice, chapattis, desserts, puddings, porridges, ice cream, and a variety of fruits, etc. with the change of menu from time to time. Most of the vegetables are grown on the campus with organic manure. A vast array of different fruit trees has been planted on the campus. A dairy on the campus provides pure milk to borders.

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Chapatti, Two Vegetables, Rajma, Rice, Salad, Raita/CurdCutlet, Chat PapdiChapatti, Seasonal Vegetables, Pakodi Curry, Imli Rice, Salad, Sweet
Chapatti, Two Vegetables, Arhar-dal, Rice, Salad, Raita/CurdMasala Moori/ Ice-CreamChapatti, Gatta, Seasonal Vegetables, Salad, Sweet Rice
Chapatti, Two Vegetables, Rice, Salad, Raita/ Mix-dalSandwich or Paobhaji, Samosha or KachoriChapatti, Paneer, Seasonal Vegetables, Jera Rice, Salad, Sweet
Chapatti, Two Vegetables, Tadka-dal, Rice, Salad, Raita/CurdChat Papdi, Fried-Manchuriyan IdliChapatti, Chhawala, Seasonal Vegetables, Rice, Salad, Sweet Daliya
Chapatti, Two Vegetables, Mix-dal, Rice, Salad, Raita/CurdChilra, FruitsChapatti, Seasonal Vegetables, Dal- Choorma, Rice, Salad,
Chapatti, Two Vegetables, Dal, Rice, Salad, Raita/CurdCANTEENChapatti, Cofta Vegetables, Curri Pulao, Papar, Salad, Sweet
Chapatti, Curd, Paneer Mix Vegetables, Chatni, Missi Roti, Salad, SweetFruit Chat, CustardVegetable Khichdi, Dal- Rice, Chapatti, Potato – Vegetable

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FRIDAYPatoto-Vegetable-poori/Chhole-Bhature, MilkSoup/Lassi/Yoghurt/ lemon-water, Biscuit
MONDAYPotato-paratha, Parsley-paratha, Spinach-paratha, Potato- vegetable, Fried-chilly, Pickle, MilkFruits/Juice, Biscuit
WEDNESDAYPotato-paratha, Spinach-paratha, Besan-paratha, Dry-Patoto-Vegetable, Sprouted Moong/ Moth, MilkFruits/Juice, Biscuit
SATURDAYRice-Flacks, Fruits, MilkSoup/Lassi/Yoghurt/lemon-water, Biscuit
THURSDAYSalty/Sweet-Daliya, Potato- Kofta, MilkFruits/Juice, Biscuit
TUESDAYUpma, Fruits, MilkSoup/Lassi/Yoghurt/ lemon-water, Biscuit