Chairman's Corner

Message from the Chairman

Dear Friends,

“The main function of education is the development of an all-round and well balanced personality of the student. The aspects of personality like physical, emotional, social, cultural and spiritual should be properly taken care for the growth of attitudes, habits, skills, thinking and interests among the students.”

Although living in USA, my heart and mind spend more time in the country of my origin, i.e. India. Often, I swim in the glorious past of the country. This land is the birthplace to some of the great religions, philosophers, social reformers, scientist etc. Its natural beauty, vast resources and immense wealth were the envy of many a nation. Great works of art, music, literature, medicine, etc. are testimonials to a once peaceful and harmonious society we had. Often, I swim in the glorious past of the country.

But we cannot live on the laurels of the past. The present day sociopolitical scenario paints an entirely different picture of the state of affairs in India. Politics is being commercialized and criminalized. Corruption is rampant. Ability to live and earn in any part of the country is a thing of the past. Terrorism is raging right on our own soil. Rather than making laws and administering, political parties take pride in stalling the proceedings of and walk-outs from the legislative bodies. Ever larger scams are unearthed almost every day. The poor are becoming poorer. The moral fabric of our society has been disfigured. All these, to my mind, are a result of lack of proper education and the ignorance resulting therefrom.

Once a teacher of our school asked me the secrets of my success. I sidelined the question by just saying “Am I successful?” at that time. But later reflecting on it, I figured that right kind of education, originality of thought, honesty, perseverance, creative approach to problems, confidence in our own actions, concern for fellow human beings, etc. are some of the ingredients for a successful life. These are some of the virtues we at SESOMU would try to instil into the young minds.

SESOMU is my humble endeavour to provide the children value based education to tackle real-life problems and adverse situations, create opportunities for themselves and the society at large, become responsible and well aware citizens of tomorrow to correct the ills plaguing our system and restore the pride and glory of our country.