Bal Mela

The Grand Bal Mela

‘Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving’

Over the past many years SESOMU School has been organizing The Grand Bal Mela which is a Charity Fundraiser. It has become a successful fun-filled event witnessed by the whole of Sri Dungargarh, Bikaner. It is also a part of the Business Studies projects. The students of classes ninth to twelfth take lead in calculating the budget, organizing, marketing, publicity and managing the profitability.

The lip-smacking food stalls

An array of stalls with a variety of spicy, sumptuous and savory mouth-watering food items are organized by the students, which include food items ranging from Chinese to our indigenous ‘chaat’. The students and parents cheerfully visit one stall to another, relishing the food to their heart’s content.

It’s all in the name of a game

The most loved and popular stalls are the gaming stalls which are thronged by the majority of the crowd. The students look forward to attending this fete and thoroughly enjoy their day.

Inculcates life-skills

By organizing such events the school provides the students to learn the very important attributes of cooperation, teamwork, entrepreneurship, leadership, and most importantly social service because every profit that they make is donated for a special cause. Overall it is an overwhelming experience and a major learning opportunity for all students.