Alumni Association

Alumni Association of SESOMU School (2A2S)


An Alumni Association is an association of Ex-students (alumni) or, more broadly, of former students. SESOMU has a very active association called Alumni Association of SESOMU School (2A2S). 2A2S was formed on 5th October 2008 by the inspiration of our honorable Chairman Mr. J.P.Mundhra and respected Principal Mr. S.Kundu. The first meeting of the 2A2S was held on 5th October, 2008 in the presence of our Former Principal Mr. S.Kundu, Mr. Pankaj Pareek (Academic Coordinator), Mr. R.N.Beniwal (Senior House Master) and Mr. Fariyad Ali Quazi (Coordinator of 2A2S).


The main aim of the Alumni Association of SESOMU School (2A2S) is to maintain a link between the School and the alumni to share details of mutual growth, achievement and advancement in various fields in their education, careers and professions. 2A2S is also used as a forum to develop coordination on various projects of the School to  promote education and development. The Objectives of 2A2S are :

  • To foster a spirit of fellowship among the former students of the School.
  • To render assistance for the furtherance of the objectives of the School.
  • To preserve and promote School’s traditions, purposes and growth.
  • To keep the spirit of affection, education and reverence alive.
  • To provide a forum for the Alumni of SESOMU School to interact among themselves and School.
  • To keep love, spirit, affection and gratitude alive for our alma mater.
  • To create a fund for helping students from economically backward families to further their educational goals.
  • To hold get-together at least once a year at the school premises.


The SESOMU Alumni Body organizes get-togethers and reunions for the students or batches that have passed out. School constantly keeps contact with the alumni through Alumni Body. 2A2S not only provides the names of its members but also the contact details of the Ex-students of the School. 2A2S also puts up any valuable comments, experiences, suggestions and messages it receives from any Ex-student of the School. The members of 2A2S reflect rich cultural diversity of India.

We should remember our School, our alma mater in whose lap we had passed so many golden years of our formative period. Thus the name SESOMU conjures up the images of the spacious sandy green field where we had spent so many jolly hours, the classrooms resounding with the voices of teachers and the memories of pranks and frolics with classmates.
Come and contact SESOMU Alumni Body, relive the days of unalloyed joy, mingle with the vibrant present and be a part of living tradition that is SESOMU. Become an active a member of Alumni Association of SESOMU School.


All students passing out of School after class XII are the members of 2A2S. Any student leaving School before class XII can opt to be a member of 2A2S.

As a part of the on going effort to bring our Alumni community closer, 2A2S has introduced an on-line database. We earnestly request all the past students to come forward to become member of the 2A2S and if possible, take active part in all the activities so that this association becomes a fruitful and lively.

Note : All the alumni are requested to update their info periodically at the email ID

Class XII (Session : 2007-08)
Class XII (Session : 2008-09)
Class XII (Session : 2009-10)
Class XII (Session : 2010-11)
Class XII (Session : 2011-12)
Class XII (Session : 2012-13)
Girdhari Lal Jakhar (IES)
Admitted in class 1st in 2001. He passed X in 2010. He Completed B.Tech in 2015 from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He is working as a Assistant Divisional Mechanical Engineer in Indian Railways.