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"If you pick the right people and give them the opportunity to spread their wings and put compensation as a carrier behind it, you almost don't have to manage them."



Principal facilitates smooth functioning of the school by guiding fellow staff members, encouraging and motivating students, counselling  the parents and liaisoning with the Central Board of Secondary Education.



The Manager oversees new construction, repairs & maintenance, beautification & gardening, personnel & resource management, accounts, liasoning between Principal and Managing Committee etc.



Major policy decisions are taken by the Managing Committee of Sesomu Education Society, presided over by the Chairman, Mr. J. P. Mundhra. The Society consisting of 18 members, drawn from academicians, professionals, friends and relatives is registered with the Registrar of Societies, Government of Rajasthan, Jaipur. The Society is a unit of Sermal Sonadevi Charitable Trust, recognized by the Income Tax Dept. under section 80-G of I.T. Act

The Mundhra family in USA has also setup a charitable foundation, JAPARANI Foundation, in Chicago, USA, registered with IRS under section 501(c)(iii)of its tax code, to conduit funds and other donations for the school purpose. The donations are tax deductible to the extent applicable in donor's case.


S.No. Name of the Members Desigation Education Address Contact No.
1.   Mr. J. P. Mundhra Chairman B.E.(Electric)    SESOMU School Campus, Sridungargarh, Bikaner. 9414074302
2.   Mrs. Padma Mundhra Vice-Chairperson B.A.    SESOMU School Campus, Sridungargarh, Bikaner. 9928057831
3.   Mr. Swadesh Dhameeja Vice-Chairman B.E.(Electric)    Jaipur. 9829010332
4.   Mr. Manoj Kumar Agarwal Secretary M.Com., B.Ed.    SESOMU School Campus, Sridungargarh, Bikaner. 9413361144
5.   Mr. Subhash Shashtri Joint-Secretary M.A. B.Ed.    Aadsar Bass, Sridungargarh, Bikaner. 9413361144
6.   Mr. Girdhari Lal Jakhar Member M.A.    Jaipur. 9414230412
7.   Mr. Alok Sharma Member B.Com.    Jaipur. 9461037614
8.   Mr. Mahaveer P. Mali Member B.Com    Bigga Bass, Sridungargarh, Bikaner. 9414148049
9.   Mr. Babita Saxsena Member M.A. B.Ed.    SESOMU School Campus, Sridungargarh, Bikaner. 8890754255
10.   Mr. Roop Chand Soni Member M.A. B.Ed.    Bigga Bass, Sridungargarh, Bikaner. 9314488126
11.   Mr. Balak Ram Sharma Member M.A. B.Ed.    Aadsar Bass, Sridungargarh, Bikaner. 7597820694
12.   Mr.Umesh Vyas Member B.Com    SESOMU School Campus, Sridungargarh, Bikaner. 9462891822
13.   Mr. Laxminarayan Bhadu Member B.Sc. B.Ed.    Aadsar Bass, Sridungargarh, Bikaner. 9460025654
14.   Mrs. Krishna Gahlot Member Ph.D.    SESOMU School Campus, Sridungargarh, Bikaner. 9251563096
15.   Mr. Ramniwas Beniwal Member P.G. B.Ed    SESOMU School Campus, Sridungargarh, Bikaner. 9460673450
16.   Mrs. Manju Shashtri Member B.A.STC    Aadsar Bass, Sridungargarh, Bikaner. 914416410
17.   Principal, K.V.-1, Bikaner Member B.E.(Electric)    Staff Quarter, K.V.-1, Sagar Road, Bikaner. 0151-2234178
18.   Principal, Vidyashram, Jaipur Member P.G., B.Ed    C/o Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Vidyshram, Jaipur 0141-2711291