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If you cannot picture it, you cannot understand it. Our qualified & experienced faculty members staunchly support this viewpoint & so we make the best possible efforts to acquaint the students with the practical aspect of the subject. To suffice our needs so as to generate practical mindset in the students we have well furnished physics lab with the latest technologies.

Lab is well equipped with instruments like Potentiometer, Optical benches, Sonometer, Resonance tube etc. required for various experimental purposes. For better understanding of the concepts we have also added instruments like Fortin's barometer, Zener diode apparatus, n-p-n transistors, Polaroid, logic gate apparatus etc. in the lab. Charts & Models on various topics like Electricity, Heat & Thermodynamics, Mechanics, Optics and Magnetism also find a place in the lab. Time to time, the students are encouraged to make projects & working models so as to inculcate scientific temperament.



To invent, you need a good imagination & a pile of junk. Our faculty members focus on this aspect. They impart sound practical knowledge so that the students can think beyond the realms of possibility. To imagine & invent something novel we have well equipped chemistry lab.

The lab consists of instruments like distillation apparatus, centrifuge, viscosity apparatus, Kipps apparatus, balances etc. Various polythene ware, porcelain ware & glass wares like conical flask, burette, pipette, test tubes, and beakers find a place in the lab. Chemical apparatus like Bunsen burner, burette stand, water bath, crucible tong have been provided for experimental purposes. Rexin coated charts provide information on topics like periodicity of elements, shapes of atomic orbitals, Isomerism, Metallurgy etc.



Biology is the science of life. To vividly capture the glimpses of the living we have well equipped biology lab. Lab is well furnished with instruments like microscope, models etc. required for various experimental processes.

An array of chemicals have been provided to early out biochemical have been provided to carry out biochemical processes like testing of salivary amylase sugar content, urea content & blood urine. Various specimens related to morphological studies & even depicting life history of mosquitoes, honey bees also find a place in the lab. Beautiful models of ear, heart, brain, DNA have also been placed in the lab.

Lab consists of good collection of charts, slides, coloured transparency & a slide projector has also been installed for better understanding of students. A team of hard working faculty makes extensive use of the lab so as to enhance practical inclination of the students towards the subject.



In the present world, it is very difficult to live without computer knowledge. The School lays emphasis on computer education from classes I to X. In classes XI to XII, Computer Science is one of the optional subjects. Well equipped computer labs are a matter of  great pride in SESOMU. There are two computer labs in the school, namely Senior computer lab and Junior computer lab. There are 40 computers with latest configuration and they are all connected with high speed LAN.

In these computer labs students receive up to date knowledge with regard to the modern trend in computer education under the proper and pertinent guidance of computer experts who not only teach the students working of different software but also impart knowledge of hardware repairing. Here the student also get the golden opportunity to surf high speed internet in order to procure knowledge on diverse fields of study. Our computer lab is an epitome of our institutions. There is no denying that the bookish knowledge of the students is supplemented with the practical knowledge gained in the computer lab under the proper training of our computer teachers.



The school Fine Arts lab strives hard to develop a deep sense of beauty among the students and train the children to draw their appreciation and understanding of beauty around them on the canvas. The students begin with sketching simple objects then they learn different tones and how to show shadow and give shades. After getting a good command over the basics, the children enjoy and explore the areas of their interests like emboss painting, collage making, glass painting, cartooning or other forms of art.



Since the medium of communication in our school is English, much emphasis is put on the development of this language among the students. With this view we have recently established a fully computerised English language lab. In this lab there are as many as 20 computers programmed with particular language software. With the help of this software, students get a chance to improve their pronunciation, knowledge in grammar etc. Chief importance is given to the development of speaking, listening and writing. The students learn and develop their skills in the above said fields under the guidance of highly qualified language experts.