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Great importance is attached to the quality of staff at SESOMU. Trained, qualified and experienced teachers are appointed to impart quality education. Compassion, devotion to duty, good manner, helpfulness and dedication are some of the prerequisites of teachers at SESOMU. Enhancement of teachers' skill is a constant phenomenon at SESOMU. Since teachers live on the campus, there is open teacher-taught interaction. The teachers interact with the students to give them the much-needed academic and emotional support to make them feel at home.



Mr. Manoj Kumar Agarwal [M.Com., B.Ed.]



Mr. Umesh Vyas [B.Com.]



Mr. Fariyad Ali Quazi (Academic Coordinator),  Mr. Palash Roy and Mr. Neeraj Kathait


S.No. Name of the Teachers Designation Department
1.   Mrs. Babita Pradan Head of Department Hindi
2.   Mr. Fariyad Ali Quazi Head of Department Science
3.   Mr. Lalit Balhara Head of Department English
4.   Mr. Palash Roy Head of Department Social Studies
5.   Mr. Brijesh Dubey Head of Department Commerce
6.   Mr. Ramniwas Beniwal Head of Department Games & Sports
7.   Mr. Mahendra Singh Jhala Head of Department Mathematics


S.No. Name of the Teachers DESIGNATION Date of  Birth QUALIFICATION    Remark
1.   Mr. Manoj Kumar Agarwal Principal 12/02/1972 M.Com., B.Ed.
2.   Dr. Krishna Gahlot PGT  01/12/1974 Ph.D. Guest Faculty
3.   Mr. Ramniwas Beniwal PGT 15/12/1961 B.A., B.P.Ed.
4.   Mr. Mahendra Maru PGT 18/10/1974 M.A. SET
5.   Mr. Fariyad Ali PGT 02/03/1976 M.Sc., B.Ed.
6.   Mr. Mahendra Singh Jhala PGT 11/11/1987 M.Sc., B.Ed.
7.   Mr. Brijesh Dubey PGT 04/08/1977 M.Com., B.Ed.
8.   Mr. Lalit Balhara PGT 25/07/1982 M.A., B.Ed.
9.   Mr. Vikas Sharma PGT 03/01/1991 M.Sc., B.Ed.
10.   Mrs. Priti Kaushik TGT 20/09/1967 B.Sc. B.Ed.
11.   Mrs. Priya Srivastava PGT 20/08/1989 M.Sc. IT.
12.   Mrs. Swati Warnawal TGT 14/01/1991 B.Sc., B.Ed., CTET
13.   Mrs. Babita Saxena PGT 29/11/1966 M.A. B.Ed.
14.   Mr. Rajesh Kumar PGT 27/10/1983 M.Sc., B.Ed.
15.   Mr. Palash Roy TGT 04/07/1982 M.A.
16.   Mrs. Rekha Shrimali PRT 11/07/1972 M.A. B.Ed.
17.   Mr. Sammu Khan PRT 07/07/1979 Tabla Visharad
18.   Mrs. Madhu Bala Swamy PRT 04/05/1972 B.Sc., B.Ed.
19.   Mrs.Sapna Dabas TGT 11/08/1981 M.A. B.Ed.
20.   Mrs. Ritu Agarwal PRT 30/04/1978 M.A., B.Ed.
21.   Mr. Deendayal Sharma TGT 10/03/1984 Acharya, B.Ed.
22.   Mrs. Alpana Mittal PRT 25/07/1979 B.Sc., B.Ed.
23.   Mrs. Dola Chakraborty PRT 21/12/1974 M.A.
24.   Mr. Mahesh Kumar Chotia PRT 07/07/1982 M.A., B.Ed. CTET
25.   Mr. Neeraj Kathait PRT 26/10/1979 B.Com., PGDA
26.   Mrs. Beena Kathait PRT 28/06/1987 M.Com. B.Ed.
27.  Mr. Rinku PRT 30/07/1984 MCA
28.   Mr. Rajendra S. Rajpurohit Librarain 02/03/1975 B.Sc., M.Lib.
29.   Mrs. Sudha Singh Nursery 02/12/1979 M.A. NTT
30.   Mrs. Shobha Paliwal Nursery 10/04/1989 B.A., B.Ed.
31.   Mrs. Rekha Sharma Nursery 14/12/1978 B.A. NTT, B.Ed.
32.   Mrs. Sadhana Sharma Nursery 21/02/1986 B.Com., LLB
33.   Mr. Narendra Sharma Karate Teacher 22/08/1980 B.A.


S.No. Name Post Qualification
1.   Mr.Umesh Vyas Manager    B.Com.
2.   Mr. Vishnu Sharma Cashier    B.Sc.
3.   Mr. Ghanshyam Gour O.S./IT Dept.    B.A., M.C.A., NDDY, Dip in RS-CIT
4.   Mr. Ramniwas Choudhary Accountant    M.Com., B.Ed., Dip. in Tally
5.   Mr. Kailash Pareek Warden    M.Sc. (Chem.), B.P.Ed., B.Ed., Dip. in Drama & RS-CIT
6.   Mr. Bhawani Singh Warden    B. A., RS-CIT, NITS
7.   Mr. Rajendra Prasad Vyas Accountant    Secondary
8.   Mr. Praveen Kumar Sharma Office Asst.    B.Sc., Dip in RS-CIT
9.   Mr. Om Das Swami Office Asst.    M.Com. (Eco.), Dip in RS-CIT & Tally
10.   Mr. Radheshyam Swami Store Keeper    Secondary