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Great importance is attached to the quality of staff at SESOMU. Trained, qualified and experienced lecturer are appointed to impart quality education. Compassion, devotion to duty, good manner, helpfulness and dedication are some of the prerequisites of lecturer at SESOMU. Enhancement of lecturer' skill is a constant phenomenon at SESOMU. Since lecturer live on the campus, there is open teacher-taught interaction. The lecturer interact with the students to give them the much-needed academic and emotional support to make them feel at home.



Dr.Narsingh Binani [ M.Phil, Ph.D.]



Mr. Umesh Vyas [B.Com.]



Mr. Murlidhar Joshi,   Mrs. Manisha Vishwakarma


S.No. Name With Photo Father's Name DOB Subject Qualification Net/Slet/Ph.D DOJ Permanent/Temp. EMP. ID
1. Dr. Narsingh Binani Madan Gopal Binani 13/07/1956 Commerce M.Com. Mphil Net/Slet/Ph.D. 07/06/2017 Temporary None
2. Dr. Krishna Gahlot Prabhu Singh 01/12/1974 Hindi Lit. M.A. Ph.D. 07/01/2017 Temporary None
1. Mrs. Maneesha Vishwakarma Khumana Ram 31/07/1973 Sociology M.A., M.Phil Net/Slet 09/07/2009 Permanent None
1. Mr. Murlidhar Joshi Shankar Lal Joshi 07/08/1972 History M.A., Mphil Net 07/02/2014 Permanent None
1. Mr. Kuldeep Sharma Harish Chand Sharma 07/09/1986 Commerce M.Com., Mphil No 07/01/2010 Temporary None
1. Mr. Chirag Parmar Himmat Lal Parmar 13/11/1986 Commerce MBA., Mphil Net/Slet/JRF 07/01/2013 Temporary None
1. Ms. Kiran Poonia Dharmveer Poonia 10/07/1994 Political Sci. M.A., Mphil Net 07/01/2016 Temporary None
1. Ghanshyam Mahaveer Prasad 26/09/1986 English M.A. No 01/11/2017 Temparory E id
1. Mrs. Manisha Swami Rupesh Kumar Swami 25/09/1987 Home Sci. M.A. Net 01/11/2017 Temporary E id


S.No. Name Post Qualification
1.   Mr.Abhishek Goswami Office Assistant    B.A. 'O' Level, 'A' Level
2.   Mr. Julee Purohit Librarian    Mlib
3.   Chiranjit Debnath Peon    8th Pass
5.   Mrs. Sangeeta Poonia Warden    M.A, B.Ed. &